Custom-Made Flexible Partial Dentures Online!
Custom-Made Flexible Partial Dentures Online!
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Step 3. Upper Flexible Partial Denture
Step 3. Upper Flexible Partial Denture

Step 3. Upper Flexible Partial Denture

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Upper Flexible Partial Denture from Flexible Smile! 

If you have at least 6 natural teeth in your upper jaw, buy this upper flexible partial denture to brighten up your smile! Please note that you must first purchase the "VPS Impression Kit Only" before purchasing this item. 

Five Simple Steps to Order Affordable Flexible Partial Dentures Online from Flexible Smile: 
Step 1. Order VPS Impression Kit $35 
Step 2. Take impressions | We provide the necessary material and detailed instructions in the kit. 
Step 3. Place your flexible partial denture order online | One flexible partial is $270 and both flexible partials are $500 
Step 4. Ship back your approved impressions 
Step 5. Receive your high-quality flexible partial dentures 

We offer FREE adjustments during the first month after you receive your flexible partials dentures. 

VPS Impression Kit Includes: 
• Enough impression putty to take upper and lower molds 
• 2 impression trays (*I will ship medium-size, which is the most common one, unless small or large trays are selected instead.) 
• 3 teeth sample colors (A1,A2,A3) 
• Detailed instructions 
• A prepaid return label is available upon request after both impressions are approved. 

Use our VPS impression kit to take impressions of your lower and upper teeth from which we can create high quality flexible partials. Please note that you need to have at least 6 natural teeth on the jaw for which you are ordering the partials. You can use our VPS impression kit if you don't have loose teeth, if you are not wearing braces, and if your gums healed after extractions. 

Upper Flexible Partial Denture: $270 
Lower Flexible Partial Denture: $270 
Both Upper and Lower Flexible Partial Dentures: $500 

Available Gum Shades: light pink, standard pink, medium-dark, and dark. 

Improve your facial tissue and your smile with our high quality partials. Enhance your speech, digestion and chewing. Our partials have exceptional aesthetics and are extremely durable. Our flexible partials blend well in your mouth. They do not require metal clasps, thus you will not have a metallic taste in your mouth.

Our great quality flexible partial dentures are offered at the best price! We fabricate flexible partials under high pressure, which result in stronger, more precise, denser, and comfortable flexible partials. It is very easy to order the flexible partials online by following the directions in the impression kit. Invasive procedures and tooth preparation are not required for flexible partials. The steps to get flexible partials are painless for you.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer. 

Please verify your shipping address during the checkout. 

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